Test Case Generator in XML
Global Finance Firm (1998)
Test cases for a finance application are described declaratively with XML. A test case generator, written in Java, processes the descriptions, generates the permutations of actual test objects, runs the tests, and outputs the results to a file.
Idea, design, implementation, writing of test descriptions, running tests and evaluating test results.
Java Pricing Framework
Global Finance Firm (1997)
Java is used to implement a framework to generate event structures and price simple derivative instruments. The framework makes use of a particular modularization methodology developed in a related Smalltalk project. The framework is used within a front office application.
Idea, design, implementation, collaboration with others to implement particular instruments.
Java Multi-Media Framework
A client-based media framework, written in Java, for delivering feature rich interactive multi-media over the Internet. The software was later acquired by Corel.
Designed and implemented "way-before-use" media delivery framework, developed HTTP server which could emulate various connection speeds in local ethernet environment, implemented minimal EPS display facility in Java, collaborated on design of XML based presentation and scripting language.
Smalltalk Pricing Framework
Global Finance Firm (1995-1996)
Derivative instruments are modeled and processed with an object oriented architecture which puts strong emphasis on re-use of core-instrument components ease of modelling and flexibility in processing (patent pending). The model is currently used to represent all derivative instruments of the client world-wide.
Instigated, co-invented, designed, and implemented the architecture and framework, introduced others to the ideas and concepts through conversations and written material, advised others on the particular uses of the framework.
Java In Smalltalk (JIS)
Enables Java programs to run within the Smalltalk environment by translating Java bytecodes into appropriate Smalltalk bytecodes or constructs. The translator and execution environment are integrated in the VisualWorks programming environment. The software was acquired by ObjectShare.
Had the original idea, participated in the design and development of the Java class file reader, the byte code translator, browsing tools, and some aspects of the execution environment.
Frame-Based Language Infrastructure
Global Finance Firm (1992-1995)
Frame-like concepts were used to enable flexible modeling, user interface creation, and persistence of financial models in the area of hybrid derivatives.
Co-designed and implemented Smalltalk language extensions, designed and implemented aspects of the user interface infrastructure, designed and implemented binary persistence mechanism (extending BOSS), advised on some aspects of the database persistency mechanisms.
Electronic Book Prototype
Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (1992)
The electronic book prototype was a re-creation of the Electronic Thangka project, an interactive videodisk installation in the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, as an electronic book. The project used Video for Windows, Intel DVI, and Smalltalk-80.
Analysis of feature options, design and implementation of video for windows interface, replacement of touchscreen interface, conversion from Macintosh to Windows environment.
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